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A Very Expensive Poison


February 2024




Assistant Director

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School production of Lucy Prebble's A Very Expensive Poison, a poignant and inventive re-telling of the story of Alexander Litvinenko.

Writer: Lucy Prebble
Director: Aaron Parsons⁠
Assistant Directors: Helen Morley & Alyssa Wint⁠
Set Design: Jess Brown⁠
Costume Design: Millie Richmond⁠
Lighting Design: Tom Barge⁠
Sound Design: Caitlyn Balderstone⁠
Composer: Jonathan Grosberg⁠
Cast: Callum Burns, Jamie de Villiers, Thomas Donnan, Jesse Dunbar, Mira Edirisingha, Molly Hanly, Olivia Hemmati, Martha Maloney, Arabella Smith-James, Joseph Stanley, Sol Taibi, Ché Tligui, Isobel Twist, Kenan Vurgun⁠
Fight Director: Jonathan Howell⁠
Choreographer & Intimacy Director: Clare Fox⁠
Movement Support: Joêl Daniel⁠
Voice & Dialect Coaches: Sue Cowen & Rebecca Daltry⁠
Assistant Voice Coach: Toby Underwood⁠
Assistant Dialect Coach: Katy Sobey⁠
Production Manager: Steve O’Brien⁠
Production Supervisor: Bryony Rutter⁠
Stage Manager: Iona Hicks⁠
Deputy Stage Manager: Elsa Gear⁠
Assistant Stage Managers: Jen Abrahall & Beth Selvage⁠
Production Electrician: Alice Boal⁠
Lighting Operator: Frankie Neville⁠
Sound Operator: Shellie London⁠
Prop Supervisor: Živa Bučer⁠
Prop Makers: Ruby Dodden, Alex Harrison, Pat Heys, Bradley Limbachia, Kacey Purnell, Nancy Strahan, Katrina-Summer Richards⁠
Construction Manager: Andy Scrivens⁠
Workshop Supervisor: Tegan Askey⁠
Workshop Assistant: Skye Turner⁠
Construction Assistants: Freja Abrahams, Kass Goosen, Eva Harris, Matt Maxfield-Phillips, Jack Morris, Izzy Phillips⁠
Costume Supervisor: Bessy Mo⁠
Costume Maker: Lasya Purohit⁠
Costume Assistants: Georgina Clissold, Lee Dartnell, Eleanor Finlay, Neve Parker⁠
Scenic Artists: Jo Browne & Jen Stoner⁠
Photography: Craig Fuller

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