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The Heat Shop


November 2022




Creator & Producer

A multi-disciplinary art installation exploring the relationship between the energy and climate crises.

The free installation included:

- Participatory theatre performances
- Ten short film sketches in the style of Look Around You/satirical infomericals.
- Free practical resources to help visitors stay warm and reduce energy use, including duvets, draught excluders, reflector sheets and energy-efficient plugs.
- A resource library
- An advice station manned by Citizens Advice and Warm & Safe Wiltshire.

The Heat Shop featured on BBC South West and in local media, receiving 350 visitors in 48 hours.

Creator & Producer: Helen Morley
Designer: Ellie Shipman
Lighting Design: Will Burgher
Writer & Director (Film and Theatre): Helen Morley
DOP & Production Management: Light-Up Media
Editor: Light-Up Media
Cast: Jacob Freda, Karen Marian, Shady Murphy, Margot Navellou
Fabrication: Jack Stiling
Advisors: Warm & Safe Wiltshire and Citizens Advice
Website design: Light -Up Media

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